|→| endodontically treated teeth (clinical cases)
endodontically treated teeth (in vitro treatment)
Analysis of teeth which were treated in vitro. You will receive a precise and anonymous feedback on the performance of your endodontic procedures in relation to the given pulp topography. The treatment may also be executed partially. For instance, treatment of only two out of four root canals, solely the canal preparation without obturation, merely the preparation of the coronal root canals, etc. If you have particular interest in a certain issue please contact me before starting your work.
Way of proceeding |→|

|→| untreated teeth
|→| Without photographic analysis € 100
|→| Including photographic analysis € 500
TOOTH CLEARING SERVICE offers you an analysis of root-treated teeth as well as pulp topography by making teeth transparent. The way of proceeding is simple: You send in the teeth of interest by post. TRANSPARENTMACHER will then process them into transparent tooth preparations and analyse the case by high performance macro photography. Subsequently, you will receive the preparation along with the photographic documentation.
Of course TRANSPARENTMACHER can help you to explore details of natural pulp topography and provide you with thrilling pictures of it. But TRANSPARENTMACHER´s CLEARING SERVICE might be even more useful for you when examining in vitro treatments as well as analysing failed clinical cases, where teeth had to be extracted after unsuccessful endodontic treatment. The method reveals how successful treatment procedures have addressed the given anatomical challenges. Preparation and obturation errors as well as missed topography can easily be detected. The photographs will give you a precise and anonymous feedback on the quality of your work. Since the photographs are very aesthetic you might like to print and frame them. You may use them for presentations or on leaflets to outline your high standard as an endodontist.
The pictures illustrate different endodontic challenges much better than any words or theoretical concepts are able to. Some examples are shown hereafter:

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